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SKY SCAFFOLDING takes great satisfaction in its ability to construct scaffolding in London that is both safe and aesthetically beautiful

Sky Scaffolding Services Central London

About Us

SKY SCAFFOLDING provides a full range of scaffolding services to individuals, businesses, and government agencies throughout London. SKY SCAFFOLDING takes excellent satisfaction in constructing scaffold constructions that are safe, creative, and well-maintained. Our objective is to give a high-quality service responsibly while building a solid and successful collaboration with our clients. We provide high quality and innovative scaffolds, temporary roofs, and access solutions for homeowners, businesses and local authorities. We welcome private individuals who want scaffolding for refurbishment works at their property.

SKY SCAFFOLDING assures you that there will be minimal disruption to your house or your business while we erect and later dismantle any scaffold. We devote a great deal of time to the pre-planning phase to ensure that scaffold will be adequately built within budget and time. We maintain a close relationship with our clients, and we are committed to delivering exceptional customer service, value and safety.

The health & safety of our staff and the public is of great importance to SKY SCAFFOLDING. We have precise management arrangements in place to implement our declared health and safety policy. So, our scaffolding activities are risk assessed.

Sky Scaffolding Services Central London

Why Choose Us


Experienced Team

We provide fast and efficient construction and dismantling; we provide complete site support, record safety and maintain the highest standards.


Professional Team

We are affiliated with CITB (our team members are fully trained and comply with industry standards on scaffold stability). Self-provided safety equipment to ensure the safety of our workers and the general public.


Key Strategy

London is a megacity, and it can be congested, which is why our team is quick and efficient. Our preparation can provide the best services possible while remaining flexible to ensure a seamless operation.



Economical prices for both standard and bespoke solutions.  Scaffolding solutions are delivered based on customer requirements.


Check our services, call us any time for a complementary consultation on  Mob: 07985797200

Sky Scaffolding Services Central London
Sky Scaffolding Services Central London
Sky Scaffolding Services Central London

Customers reviews

I used the sky scaffolding guys to paint the front and back of my house. They are truly professional and not your usual loud and lairy scaffolders.
Great service and prices, also very friendly and professional ! I will be using their services again without a adoubt.
Highly professional and great service. Would recommend greatly to family and friends.
Sky Scaffolding Services Central London
Sky Scaffolding Services Central London


Most frequent questions and answers

We cover all parts of London; East London, West London, South London, Greater London, Central London and North London.

We have £10million Public Liability Insurance and £10million Employers Liability insurance and thankfully have never had to call on it.

You can have it as long as you need it. We will discuss all the details before we start the scaffolding project.

We will apply on your behalf for a local authority street license. Scaffolders in London have the right to apply for their clients. 

If during our phone call, we have enough information we will be happy to provide a free estimate with no obligation. However, each project is specific and before we provide scaffold hire prices, we prefer to do a site visit.

Join Our Team

Fill out the form to send us a request to join our team if you want to become a scaffolder, scaffolder labourer, or lorry driver. 


13 Dorchster Rd, London, KT48NW United Kingdom

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07985 797 200

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Sky Scaffolding Services Central London

Services in London and Greater London

We are ideally located in Hammersmith, which is the heart of London. We can provide customised commercial scaffolding and home scaffolding solutions to customers across the area and beyond.

Our team carries everything necessary for the task with them, assuring a timely and effective service regardless of your house or office location.

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